How to help people to learn in formal and non-formal situations has been the key question of Elina Harju´s work. She has been working with teachers, librarians and principals over 20 years. Through her involvement in In-service teacher training Finnish educational organizations and practices are familiar from early childhood education till university, from national level to everyday life of schools.

International projects and work has always been part of her work. She looks for good practices, new ideas and love to share her owns with others. She is experienced and encouraging trainer, who can create good and open atmosphere.
Key Competences and passion: Pedagogical development, work community development, passionate defender of curiosity, joy of learning and open, real life learning environments, future of learning.

Different EU-projects (Sokrates, Comenius, Grundtvig, @Lis, Adapt, different ESF projects) have thought her lot about European co-operation and life of learning. Nowadays Elina has been actively working with teachers and principals around the world.

Another thematic field of hers has been “information society for all” practices and services on wheels. She and her team have got national and European awards for the Internet bus, that helped people to get started with computer and Internet.